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updated March 2003

APC-Africa-Women is a network of organisations and individuals that work
to empower African women's organisations to access and use Information
and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for equality and development.
APC-Africa-Women is the Africa regional programme of APC's Women's
Networking Support Programme.

Working with women in Africa and all over the world, APC-Africa-Women
focuses on African women's empowerment through information facilitation,

regional support, lobbying and advocating around gender and ICTs, delivering
ICT training, conducting research into gender and ICTs and participating in regional
and global events.

The amount of African women that are affected with substance abuse is alarming. Most times there is a
combination of substance abuse and traumatic events which needs to be examined.
A large amount of African American women become victims to the destruction of
substance abuse due to early life traumatic events. If you are looking for more
information on Addiction and Treatment options, click here Addiction Treatment & Information

Sometimes as women, beautifying ourselves is also source of empowerment. Whether we are buying new clothing
or accessories, there's something about it that makes us feel great.
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A French version of this site is under construction.


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