About Us

About Us

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APC-Africa-Women is a network of organisations and individuals that work to empower African women’s organisations to access and use Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for equality and development. APC-Africa-Women is the Africa regional programme of APC’s Women’s Networking Support Programme (APC WNSP)

Working with women in Africa and all over the world, APC-Africa-Women focuses on African women’s empowerment by

  • information facilitation by providing information to women about gender and ICTs and access to tools and resources that facilitate women’s ease of access to information that is of critical concern;
  • providing regional support to women’s organisations through developing networking capacity by using ICTs strategically;
  • lobbying and advocating around gender and ICT policy at a regional and global level including media-related global meetings and via partnerships with civil society organisations;
  • delivering ICT training to African women’s organisations, networks and initiatives;
  • conducting research in the area of gender and ICTs;
  • participation in regional and global events and with our global partner APC Women’s Networking Support Programme providing information dissemination services, running Internet cafes and providing ICT training.

Mission statement

The Mission of the APC-Africa-Women and its global network, the Women’s Networking Support Programme (WNSP) is to promote gender equity in the design, implementation, and use of information and communication technologies – with special focus on inequities based on women’s social or ethnic background – through the provision of research, training, information, and support activities in the field of ICT policy, skills-sharing in the access and use of ICT, and women’s network-building.


  • to promote the consideration and incorporation of gender in ICT policy-making bodies and forums;
  • to initiate and implement research activities in the field of gender and ICT;
  • to advance the body of knowledge, understanding, and skills in the field of gender and ICT by implementing training
  • to facilitate access to information resources in the field of gender and ICT;
  • to create and sustain a forum in which African women and women’s organisations can discuss issues of common
    concern and develop common actions towards the other goals.

Contact – APC-Africa-Women Coordinator on email [email protected]