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Updated June 2006

[email protected]
tel: +27 11 726 1692
fax: +27 11 726 1692
P.O. Box 29755, Melville, 2109
South Africa

Membership Criteria -how to join us

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APC-Africa-Women (AAW) as the regional network of APC WNSP welcomes as members of its network women and women’s organisations working to empower women in the area of ICTs. AAW welcomes as members of its network Women and women’s organisations working in Africa to empower African women in the area of media and ICTs. African women not on the continent for reasons of school or work are welcome.

Prospective members should meet the following criteria
1. Must support and endorse WNSP’s mission, goals and objectives See:
2. Must have had previous working relations with AAW and/or WNSP or current members and be nominated by a current member or APC staff member
3. If representing an organisation, must obtain organisational or institutional recognition and support from the organisation. What we expect from members

Members are expected to
1. Actively participate in regional and/or global space, projects or work areas
2. Promote AAW whenever they can and acknowledge the name and membership of AAW in external representations
3. Share news and information on women and ICTs and related issues
4. Actively participate and contribute their skills and experience to strengthening the network

Membership benefits
Members have access to various mailing lists where they can link into a global space of ICT women activists, become part of an active and vibrant women’s ICT and media network, and learn through contributing to activities
Can apply for spaces in workshops and conferences, when opportunities arise

English is the common working language of the AAW space.
We acknowledge concerns and issues regarding other languages spoken in Africa.
All AAW media as far as possible is produced in French and English.

Ending membership
If members do not participate for a long time (6 months) the co-ordinator, will ask them why they have stopped participating and whether they would like to continue their membership and report the outcome back to the network.

If you are interested in joining AAW please email us at [email protected]